Body Waxing Services: What You Need To Know

Body Waxing services

Those who prefer waxing as their hair removal service often find that any other type of hair removal just don’t cut it. In order to get the best and most effective hair removal, waxing should be done professionally. The benefits of waxing include being hairless for longer periods of time (perfect for those who want…

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Facial Treatments For Scar Reduction

scar reduction

The formation of a scar is a natural healing process after an injury or wound. Depending on the type of skin you have, how an injury heals can vary accordingly. When it comes to facial scars, the common cause is often acne, which can leave pockmarks. As your face is exposed to the elements all…

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Deep Pore Enzyme Exfoliation for Skin

Deep pore enzyme exfoliation

Deep pore exfoliation is a recommended treatment for all skin types to make your skin smoother, brighter, and more hydrated. When it comes to skin peels, it’s important to understand the two commonly available options, AHA chemical exfoliation and enzyme exfoliation, in order to see which one best suits your needs.  While both treatments offer…

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To wax or not to wax

Back wax treatment

Although things like back wax treatments and full body waxes only became popular in the 20th century, people have been waxing unwanted body hair since Cleopatra ruled ancient Egypt. While we might not use the same beeswax and sugar concoctions that the pharaoh used, hair removal techniques have remained relatively the same over time. The…

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Acne Treatment For Sensitive Skin

Acne treatment

For those who struggle with sensitive skin, finding an acne treatment that works can be a very difficult and sometimes painful process. We here at Face Emergency Skin Care are here to help you understand what acne and sensitive skin are, as well as how to treat both conditions safely. Who Gets Sensitive Skin? Although…

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What Makes a Top Esthetician?

Top esthetician

When you go to a spa you, as a client, will want to know that the person treating you is a top esthetician and professional in their field. So, what are the characteristics of an esthetician that is not only proficient, but also professional and compassionate? Here at Face Emergency Skin Care we believe that…

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