Introducing Micro-needling Therapy

micro-needling therapy

Uncovering The Basics of Micro-Needling Therapy Micro-needling therapy, also known as skin needling, percutaneous collagen therapy or collagen induction therapy, is a skin rejuvenation technique that involves making tiny punctures in the skin in order to prompt the skin’s natural repair process. By using this state-of-the-art microscopic technology, micro-needling therapy boosts the production of collagen…

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How to Prepare for Your Microdermabrasion Treatment


Microdermabrasion | What is It and How do I Prepare for It? Microdermabrasion is an exfoliating procedure that removes the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells on your face. This non-invasive procedure is extremely popular in skin care clinics across the world because of its proven effectiveness and many benefits. According to Maria Barry,…

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The Benefits of an Anti-Aging Facial

anti-aging facial

Anti-Aging Facial Advantages If you’ve ever had an anti-aging facial, you’ll know that there comes a point, about halfway through your treatment, that you’re lulled into a deep sense of relaxation. At this point, your mind and body seem to drift off into another world all the while your skin reaps the countless benefits of…

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Men have been shaving their faces since Egyptian times, and although men occasionally prefer the look of beards, many men say a shaved face feels more comfortable. Could women possibly take a hint from this typically “male” beauty habit? If you haven’t noticed, men rarely have advanced signs of aging in the areas they shave.…

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