What to Look for in a Day Spa

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An 8-Step Guide to Finding the Perfect Day Spa

We’ve all heard those day spa horror stories, whether it’s a friend who left a wax appointment with one eyebrow or that lady on the news last week who got a fungus infection in her toe after a dodgy pedicure. When it comes to your own body, there really shouldn’t be any sort of compromise, which is why we’ve compiled a handy eight-step guide highlighting what to look for when picking the perfect day spa for you:

1. Check their website

While we know you shouldn’t judge a book by its…, it really is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to judging your day spa. A lot of insight can be gleaned just from looking at a day spa’s website and at their social media pages—not to mention, if it’s on social media you might find reviews. Day spas often display their treatment menu on their website so prospective clients can easily see what services are on offer.

2. Is the day spa properly licensed?

You wouldn’t want an accountant doing your dental check-up, right? Chances are you don’t want an unlicensed skincare or beauty professional getting within a tweezer’s length of your person. Make sure that the day spa you are visiting is licensed. If you can’t see evidence of licensing or certification anywhere, don’t be shy—just ask! This is particularly important if the day spa is offering medical treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion; treatments that should only be carried out by a licensed professional.

3. Is the spa going to satisfy your needs?

Do you want a spa that can cater to all of your requirements, from a manicure to a facial, or do you want one that is more specialized and offering treatments such as micro-needling therapy? The same question goes for whether or not clients want to build personal relationships with their spa therapists or if they are unaffected by being treated to a different therapist on every visit. These points are entirely dependent on each individual person and their own personal needs.

4. Call them

Put a voice to the name by picking up the phone and calling in. Feel free to ask about treatments and any other queries you may have. If the day spa is reputable and trustworthy, the people working there should be able to confidently and readily answer any questions you may have.

5. Hygiene

Cleanliness is next to godliness, right? When you consider how many clients must wander in and out of any given day spa on any day, you can understand why cleanliness and hygiene is of the utmost importance.

6. Read reviews online

Scouring the internet for reviews is a good way to gather information about a day spa, find out what customers like about them, and be exposed to any negative points. While individual reviews aren’t always trustworthy, take the time to read enough of them to get a feel of the public’s general consensus.

7. Ask friends about them

Better than looking for reviews online, ask your friends and acquaintances about the day spa you’re looking at. It’s a good idea to get an opinion from someone you trust.

8. Check their products

Most day spas will list the products they use on their website. If they don’t, ask them about it when you call. This is a good way of finding out whether the day spa in question uses high-quality products that will work for your body and not cause any negative reactions.

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