Skin Healthy “Super Foods”

A few years ago my husband and I really changed our eating habits. We were already committed to living a healthy lifestyle… however, we knew that we could improve in this area.
We both have committed to eating “clean” and can honestly say that we have never felt better in our lives. We have tons of energy and the best part of all is that we haven’t had the flu or a cold in years. We both believe in daily vitamins but that will be another post.
It’s OK, to have a treat once in a while, when I say treat, I mean “Junk” food.
Let me share with you, my 6 top superfoods that are PACKED with skin-healthy nutrients.
1. Dried seaweed
Also known as “dulse,” dried seaweed might just be an unexpected and delicious solution to dark under-eye circles.
Seaweed is full of Vitamin B, which helps to draw excess fluids out of tissues – including the fluid that causes puffiness and darkness underneath the eyes.
It’s great to eat on its own, or to crumble on top of your soup or salad.
2. Cabbage
Did you know that your crow’s feet might actually be a sign of stress? Have you noticed dark circles or puffiness under your eyes?
A stress hormone called cortisol makes your skin break down faster, leading to premature wrinkles and sagging – especially for the delicate skin around your eyes.
The best way to fight high cortisol levels is to eat foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E, like cabbage. I always recommend that my clients eat purple cabbage, since it has 8 times more collagen-boosting Vitamin C than the green varieties.
Combine this with my refreshing anti-puff eye gel and your eyes will begin to look fantastic.
3. Watercress
If you have a patchy or splotchy complexion, poor circulation could be to blame. When enough blood isn’t reaching your cells, your skin becomes starved of oxygen and nutrients.
Watercress, however, is surprisingly high in iron, which helps the blood carry more oxygen throughout the body. By oxygenating your skin, watercress could help you get a more even, glowing skin tone.
4. Cilantro
Did you know that most makeup products are loaded with heavy metals like mercury?
Mercury exposure can damage the kidneys, lungs, brain – and skin. But thankfully, some studies have shown that cilantro is a natural “chelator” that can draw heavy metals out of tissues. By sprinkling some cilantro into your soup or sandwich, you can improve your overall health, and combat dullness in your skin.
I am challenging you, go two days without makeup and try a adding a little cilantro into your diet and see how refreshing your skin will feel. You will feel liberated.
5. Walnuts
We’ve all heard that fish is chock full of Omega-3s, but did you know that walnuts are a great source of those healthy fats too?
Omega-3s aren’t just heart-healthy – they actually help strengthen skin and make it more flexible, so it’s more resistant to sagging and wrinkles. That makes walnuts one of my favorite snacks!
Just be careful not to snack on walnuts while you are working on the computer or watching TV – the next thing you know, the bag is empty.
6. Cumin
The spice that gives chili and many Indian dishes their distinctive flavor also happens to be loaded with antioxidants like Vitamin E that help protect skin from future damage. Cumin also has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties to help fight blemishes and infections, while its detoxifying effects can help keep your skin bright and clear.
Be on the lookout for one of my future posts where I will share some delicious recipes that include some of these super foods.
Make no mistake… these foods aren’t a cure-all. Nothing replaces a great skincare routine including a healthy lifestyle and visiting your “Esthetician”. Including these 6 superfoods in your usual meals is a great first step towards healthy glowing skin.

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