Acne Treatments to Transform Your Teen

acne treatments

Why Facials can Act as an Acne Treatment

Acne is much more than a skin disorder – it can also have debilitating psychological and social effects on teenagers who suffer from it – preventing them from becoming confident and well-adjusted young adults. While there are a variety of ways in which one can combat their skin problem—from daily face care, careful changes in diet, and being aware of what toxins you put in and on your body—taking your teen for regular facials can help ease the anxiety that comes with their physical and psychological transformation.

Everyone remembers the anxiety and discomfort they felt when they had a bad skin breakout. Puberty is an awkward enough time as is – teens are forced to navigate the minefield of adolescence that leads them into adulthood. From developing social skills and becoming more responsible – to finding out what paths they want to take after school – having acne only adds to the pre-existing emotional distress that is part of a teenager’s life. Facials can be fantastic forms of acne treatment and can aid in the prevention of superficial acne scars—but these are just some of the benefits.

Why are facials great for your teen’s acne treatment?

  • Your teen will be in the capable hands of a qualified skincare professional which will in turn make them feel comfortable and reassured
  • Skincare professionals cleanse the face properly before a facial and then provide an in-depth skin analysis with the help of magnifying instruments.

Everyone’s skin is different and requires unique care.

  • Your skincare professional will know what treatments will work best on what skin
  • They will point out problem areas and select the most suitable, soothing product to handle the problem
  • Facial clients will feel comfortable knowing that they are in the capable hands of someone who has done acne treatments before
  • You can rest assured that only the best products will be used on your skin
  • Facials can be nourishing and revitalizing
  • Not only will having regular facials encourage better skincare routines at home, but it will help contain the problem and redeem your teen’s confidence
  • Your skincare professional can recommend over-the-counter products for your teen to use every day (and warn them about which products will exacerbate the problem)

If your teen is suffering from acne, it is crucially important for their own mental and physical wellbeing that parents get them the acne treatment they need by visiting a reputable and licensed skincare professional to help them beat their skincare emergency.
Face Emergency SkinCare has a range of services from facials that can be used as acne treatments for your teen as well as peels to help diminish any scarring that may have been left behind by anyone who has suffered from acne in the past.

Tips for keeping acne under control in-between facials:

  • A rigorous daily skincare routine that includes washing your face twice-daily, cleansing and moisturizing (as well as avoiding any Skin Sins)
  • Be aware of the toxins you’re putting in your body. Stick to fresh and healthy food and be sure to get your five-a-day
  • Be aware of the toxins you put on your body, particularly with chemicals in makeup that can clog the pores thereby exacerbating the problem.

Choose natural makeup products instead

  • Drinking lots of water and keeping hydrated is another key ingredient to great skin
  • Wash your hands regularly throughout the day and avoid touching your face (no matter how tempting it may be to squeeze that one little pimple)
  • Make sure you have enough zinc, Omega 3, and vitamins in your diet

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